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With CNC lathes of the renowned German manufacturer TRAUB, we provide the service of turning workpieces from the minimum diameter of Ø 10 mm up to the max. diameter of Ø 450 mm and the max. turning length of L = 1,500 mm.

Our machine park currently includes eight pieces of CNC lathes with various characteristics, including:

  • lathes with driven tools (e.g. with the threading capacity of up to M16 mm);
  • lathes with a feeding device – these are intended for the manufacture of pieces from bars, etc.

With these machines, we ensure the machining accuracy of up to 0.01 mm.

We machine a wide variety of pieces, from simple bolts, bushes, nuts, screws, etc. to very complex axes, shafts with various grooves, and special stage threads.

The workpieces are made of various materials, such as steel, INOX, ALU-plastics, bronze, casts, and hardened materials with the hardness of up to approx. 60 HRC.

Our products are intended primarily for a wide range of hydraulic components, lifts, cranes, lifting platforms, conveying devices, hydroelectric power stations.


In addition to modern CNC machines, we also have indispensable machines for conventional machining. They are mostly used for manufacturing various spare parts and small series production (even one piece), which are also indispensable in a wide range of industries.

Despite small batches, these are usually the pieces that require very different machining procedures as well as accuracy, which we provide with a variety of conventional lathes, the largest of which enables the turning of workpieces with the diameter of Ø 400 mm and the turning length of 2,000 mm or the diameter of up to Ø 800 mm and the turning length of 350 mm.

This is a 2013 machine, and it is also equipped with a 4-jaw clamping head, a wide variety of support rests, and digital measuring rods.


Threaded cylinders are available in different types and sizes, but all of them use the mechanism where hardened steel matrices are aligned and set to penetrate with force in order to transform the material surface of a round diameter into a threaded form.

We produce all types of threads and spindles practically without dimensional restrictions (we can roll individual pieces and bars having the length of up to 6, the diameter from 3 mm to 50 mm), in larger and smaller batches, and in various materials.


Due to the ever-growing demands of customers, deep drilling has become indispensable in the metal industry.

It is applied to various materials, from aluminium to superalloys, and can provide tight control of the diameter and straightness, and a better surface finish of workpieces.

We drill deep boreholes with special tools in a dedicated drilling machine that produces holes in the metal in the direction of the diameter. This allows us to reliably, precisely, and efficiently achieve the production tolerances and other requirements.

We provide drilling to the depth of 500 mm.


In centreless grinding, we use abrasive cutting to remove material from the workpiece.

Centreless grinding is usually the preferred option compared to other methods of grinding, as it shortens the machining time.

We carry out grinding to Ø 40 mm.


We provide 3-axis milling on a CNC milling centre to the dimensions of 600 mm × 400 mm × 400 mm (x/y/z).